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Preventative Maintenance Program


Keep your car in perfect running condition by preventing costly repairs. We strictly adhere to manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules and work with you to establish a maintenance plan. For new customers, we discuss all the maintenance and repair work that has been performed to your vehicle prior to your visit at our shop. We meticulously record all this information in the work order before doing any work on your vehicle. For existing customers, we keep a service/repair history log therefore eliminating guess work. Preventative Maintenance Program includes: Oil change service, safety inspection (check brakes, suspension, steering, tires, etc), replacement of air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, transmission service (automatic transmission, DSG, CVT, S-Tronic), differential service, timing belt replacement, spark plug replacement, cooling system service, brake fluid flush,intake valve de-carb (carbon cleaning) on FSi and TFSi engines.

Audi S4 timing chains.jpg
Mechanical Repairs

We perform all mechanical repairs: oil leak repairs, cooling system leak repairs, brake repairs, clutch replacement, engine repairs, suspension repairs, steering repairs, exhaust system repairs… just to name a few. We only use OE approved high quality replacement parts and OE approved fluids. All repairs we perform are to manufacturer’s specification.

Diagnostics and Electrical Repairs

Check engine light on? Car still running fine? Many people drive with check engine light on claiming the car is running ok. This is a huge misconception. Did you know that when the CEL is on the engine is robbed of up to 15% of power, fuel consumption is increased, and emission levels are increased. Don’t ignore the light. We can diagnose the problem and correct it. By diagnosing we mean scanning the computer first with our state of the art diagnostics equipment, identifying the fault code, performing the necessary repairs. Just erasing the fault code does not fix the problem!

Performance Upgrades

As an authorized APR dealer, we offer ECU software upgrades for Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche cars. The ECU re-flash unleashes impressive torque and horsepower increase as well as fuel economy improvements. In addition, we perform upgrades to the braking, exhaust, suspension, and much more!

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